Tuesday, September 11, 2012

March 1, 1850--Stephen to Sophia Sherwood--(Part 2 of 2)

Sacramento (before flood)

Sacramento, California, January 1850
Sacramento had a  flood in January of 1850 which devastated the commercial operations on the embarcadero.  In March, after Stephen Sherwood arrived, there was another flood, but not as serious  as levees and dams had been built by that time.   In October of 1850,  Sacramento had an outbreak of the cholera which caused about eighty percent of the population to leave the city, and  the death of seventeen of the physicians.  (Wikipedia)

(Part 2 of 2)
Mr Fergeson  probly has told you all a bout the Calofornia prises  as yet i could not in vite any wane to come to this country  my pen cant Describe the sufring I have seen sene since i started from home  there was 3 Died on the ship and a grate many sick with out a Dollar   give my best respects to all inquiring friends  give my love to all the children  i Endever to remember you all Daly by my prayers and i trust i am a subject of your prayers   be fath full and we shall reape if we fant not   give my respects to misses Fergeson & children brother Engleman(?) and family Do the best(?)    yes (?) i can rite to Sutters Mill on the account of the post office being ____   it may be  3 or 4 (?) months be fore you get another letter   i sopose(?)  you have writ (?) a grate many times (?) before you have got this
Latt and Harmann (??)  is with me      S. Sherwood

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