Friday, November 15, 2013

Home at Last

John Sherwood's (Sr.) home in Dantown, Connecticut is now under a reservoir

.John Sherwood's (Sr.) home in Poundridge  New York was near where the Nathan Olmstead Landmark home (above) is now.  The home may have been on this property (below) as John Sherwood was listed next to Nathan Olmstead by the census taker in 1790.

 The blog, "The Sherwood Story" gives more details on these two locations.

A Home At Last

Sherwood home in Pioche, Nevada

Finally,  a picture of a real Sherwood home.   Their lumber yard was across the street.  It was run mostly by Orin, William, and John Sherwood (Sons of Stephen Sherwood).  Stephen was a grandson of John Sherwood Sr.

Close up picture of the Sherwood home in Pioche, Nevada
 Is the older man on the left Stephen Sherwood? This may have been Orin's home as his brothers, William and John, were living in Clover Valley.  I would say this picture was taken in the 1870's.

Photo courtesy of Tom Irwin
Sherwood home in Pioche, Nevada on Main Street as it looked a few years ago 

   Look closely at the previous two pictures and you will see a resemblance, but they  don't have the air conditioning attached to the front window.  I just want to go inside and look around. 

Photo from Google Earth courtesy of Art Sherwood
Location: 524 Main Street, Pioche, Nevada

After this article was posted, Art Sherwood sent this photo from Google Earth.  Apparently the home has been remodeled since the previous picture was taken. 

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  1. I just bought the above house in Pioche and was very excited to come across the above photos of it!! We love our new home! Do you have any other photos or history on it? Thank you for sharing!