Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stephen Sherwood of LaSalle County, Illinois (Tip #2)

Records from the Bureau of Land Management
Stephen Sherwood of LaSalle County, Illinois 
Township (35-N), Range (8-E), Section (22), Meridian (3rd PM)

( I believe this piece of land would be located today in Kendall County and in or on the border of Grudy County).  Kendall County which was formed from LaSalle and Kane County in 1841.  Stephen's wife, Maria died in 1839, and later that same year he married, Sophia Parker in Will County.  They would later moved to Lake County.   Stephen and Maria (his first wife) were in DeKalb County where he was a blacksmith in 1838.  County borders were changing during this time period.   In checking county records, sometimes the records are in a different county that the county where the area might be today.  I must admit, I am still sorting through the 1835-1843 period to determine where Stephen might have lived and where the records might be.  I hope this map helps as it has the six counties listed here.

Northeast Illinois Counties

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