Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Locating Stephen Sherwood on BLM land (Tip #2)

I knew Stephen Sherwood had lived in Northern California from about 1879-1894.  I entered his name of the BLM form (See Tip #2) to see if he had purchased government land at that time.
This entry showed Stephen Sherwood did purchase government land in 1884, and gave the 
location for that land.  I was not able to print out the deed like the previous example, but this at least gave the location of the land he purchased.  Stephen was buried in nearby Trinity California where he died in 1894.  I know this is getting ahead of his story, but I wanted to provide an example of how Tip #2 can help in locating your ancestors.  You can also follow Tip#1 for find Stephen in, and locate the place of his burial.  Now try using both of these tips to locate one of your own ancestors. (Click tip #2 on side to do this).

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