Wednesday, September 12, 2012

June 26, 1852--James Vokes Note to Stephen Sherwood

I hereby agree to deliver up to Stephen Sherwood one 2 Horse lumber waggon which I used on said Sherwood's farm last Season and I also agree to let the Execution in favor of David Head against me remain paid by the money now lodged in the hands of Sidney Drum (Constable) and will see that no trouble shall be made on that account-- and also the Bill presented in Court at Kenosha in the suit relative to keeping Horses?, use of horses that were stolen privilege of making brick __ & _ reference being had to said bill in all its details to be in payment for the rent of the farm contracted for with D. Head known as the Sherwood farm---and that the delivery of the waggon aforesaid to the said Sherwood and the notification of this instrument is a receipt in full to him of all demands of every name and nature to Date

Dated  Waukegan June 26th 1852

James Vokes (click for a census record on him)

L Sprague  Witness

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