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June 27, 1853--George Tiffany to Stephen

Seneca Falla, Seneca County N.Y.
June 27th 1853

Broth Stephen Sherwood

Dear Sir  Permite me to inform you that we are all as well as usual although I have been somewhat unfortunate this spring  my business became so overdone at Auburn I though to better myself by changing my location but I found that I have made a bad matter worse although prices  were  better yet  I ____ my cash sales were very tight and most of my customers wanted credit by means of which I was unable to meet my notes and was obliged to close up my business at quite a sacrifice  I shall be unable at present to do any business in my own name and I thought if you thought there was a good chance for Boot and shoe trade in some of the large towns near you and you would furnish 8 or 10 hundred Dollars  I would try and make out as much more and have the business done in your own name entirely  I shall be in New York after 8 or 10 days  I expect and if you do not answer this letter so that I will be likely to get it before that time  you had better direct your letter to New York direct to me tothe care of John H Fowler  give our best respects to the family and let me hear your mind on this subject as soon as convenient

Yours truly ___        Ge (George) Tiffany

George Tiffany was the brother-in-law of Stephen Sherwood.  George was married to Stephen's older sister, Polly (1807-1879).  Auburn is about fifteen miles from Seneca Falls.

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