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April 6, 1863--Stephen Sherwood to his Family (Page 4 of 4)

it may take me a year or two where i am before i can get a way that is the gratest back country that there is over  i want to take a ___ ____ of brood mares  and some? mules    i can take ___ __ __ and crops? the plows but i Don't want to go till the war is over and There __ is over ___  __   don't suffer for any thing that you need if you can get it for it want pay   Elizabeth rote me that she had  a little flower spring  up the 5 of December  she is much delited with it being a Daughter   i have felt a good while that i had no Daughter but on a Da___ter ____   but i suppose? i have one now which will do me   my love Elizabeth is a good woman you would not now her by her actions and? I love  been more and more  Give ____  little ones a kiss? for me  i should like to return? and  Do it myself   till Wellington  i thank him for  his letter   i will rite him and Dan and  and our? Johnny soon  i send them my love and the hurt?? to? be good boys  i hope to see them by and by  you had better get a hand? full or two of cat tole ploy meat?and add it to the mognaba? ____ ___ and i think it will cure it if it the _____of bones was all got out  your___the____in the____and to get the strength and then or the _______ material? __ of  the

(he is writing, I believe, some things to do to help Wellington)

Excuse all mistakes for my  hart and mind is fuller than pen can Express and my pen can rite from your most Effectionate father

                                                          Stephen Sherwood

H S Sherwood
S M Sherwood
W T Sherwood
D Sherwood
Henry? Sherwood


The "little flower" that Elizabeth had "spring up the 5 of December was Hattie Sherwood.  This was the first daughter for Stephen and Elizabeth.  Stephen had a daughter, Maria, from his first wife, Mariah Hubbell.  He had a second daughter, Elizabeth, from Sophia Parker.  Elizabeth died in 1843.
Stephen Sherwood had high hopes to make some money here, but his next letter is not written from Canyon City or even The Dalles.  This statement will explain why Stephen and Elizabeth were not there the next year.  The Oregon Guide stated:  "By 1863 the number of miners digging gold at Canyon City had been reduced from 10,000 the previous year to 700...... the discovery of gold in others fields practically depopulated Canyon City that Winter."   (Quote under "The 28 Hour Pony Express Run from Canyon City to the Dalles.")  Stephen Sherwood would be part of that depopulation.  Once again it was time for Stephen Sherwood who was called by The Trinity Journal (Jan. 10, 1885) "A 49er frontiersman and inveterate prospector, who, like the Wandering Jew, drifted from place to place in search of new discoveries, fresher fields and fairer flowers"  to move on. 

 If you are reading this, please tell me in a comment, where you think Stephen Sherwood will be in February of 1864 when he writes his next letter.

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