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April 6, 1863--Stephen Sherwood to his Family (Page 1 of 4)

It has been interesting to find the history that is falling in place behind these letters.

"The discovery of gold at Canyon Creek on June 8, 1862, brought a rush of people and supplies into the  Upper John Day basin.  Within a year nearly 10,000 fortune hunters trekked to the gold fields from the nearest access and supply point-- The Dalles-- over a series of trails that became
"The Dalles to Canyon City Wagon Road." Canyon City was larger than Portland at the time.

Dalles  April 6th 1863

Dear children  i received your letter and was over joyed to here that you all war a live and was as well as you was but am verry sorry for Wellingtons misfortune  we are all well Hiram and Oren started with the Pack Trane the other Day to the mines to Canyon citty

Canyon City, Oregon

 it is a bout 200 miles   they will be gon a bout 3 weeks there?  freight will come to 400 Dollars

  i am a waiting at the Dalles for Elizabeth and William to come  i Expect them on the next California Steamer
The Dalles

 i sent them 265 Dollars to come with and  i wish i had some to send to you but i will send you some as soon as possible  and i hope that will be be four long but own loses in california has made it very hard for us but we have got a start a gain am in a better location than before   you must not feel down? that I have not written often for the year past for the most of the time and have ben in the mountains and could? not  but my interest and feeling and affections   i miss the kids?   i have strong hopes and Determined to  make a move  and i will do it that I may a ward you for your Integrity  Don't dis pair  know hope on  the cloud?, will clear a way by and by all

Is Sephen telling his children not to despair but to have hope because even though it is cloudy, they will clear eventually ?).  He always has a message of hope in his letters. (go to page 2)

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  1. I have enjoyed looking through your blog, but there's one thing I can't find that I would like to see.... Stephen Sherwood's Genealogy! I have many Sherwood ancestors in the time that Stephen lived, I even have at least one Stephen, but I don't know if there family link. If you could post some family group sheets or a family tree, others could know if this is also 'their' Stephen Sherwood.