Thursday, September 13, 2012

October 6, 1853--Hermann to Stephen (Page 2 of 2)

(Page 2 of 2) 

they had very good crops in the valley some  fases (?) of wheat ______ in ______   by _______ clothing of all kinds nearly as cheap as in the states  potatoes sevens cets a pound ham thirty buter (?) five shilling (shillings ?)  I have delivered your mesage to Maltby  will do the same to Fancher (?) the first chance he is working on the middle fork  ino not what his situation is  Malthy is like my self in rather close (?) ________  A present he is at work a few rods (?) be lo here and enjoyes good health had I the means i wood try to asist you  I havi  net (?)  Although prospects is more favorable than they have ben   I have not heard from George for three weeks  then i was over to Hangtown  he was well and talked of going to the city to work at his Trade  his health has ben very poor untill a few weeks past   he thot of trying beter work than mining for a month or so

yours with respect       T T (?) Her????   

                                    (not readable)

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