Thursday, September 13, 2012

June 29, 1860 (Census)--Stephen Sherwood @ Oregon House, Yuba, California

Stephen Sherwood is living at Oregon House, Yuba County, California in 1860 (#846).  Oregon House is about twenty-five miles east of Marysville on the road to Comptonville.
His  wife, Elizabeth, is with him.  He now has two children from Elizabeth, Louis (Lewis) and Henry (George?-- born in March 1860).  He is listed as a lumberman

Two of Sophia's (deceased) sons, Oren and William, are listed on the Census.

March 30, 1860--George W Sherwood born.  He is listed as Henry on the Census record.  Probably named after his brother, George W Sherwood who died September 11, 1858
Oregon House built in 1852
Oregon House was settled in 1850 and began to develop as a 

thriving settlement in 1852 when it became a popular rest stop 

for the mules trains heading up the mountain with supplies  It

lies in a small valley between rolling hills.
Map with Oregon House (in middle)

Map of California with Yuba County


  1. Nice post. It is great that you have a period picture relative to the time your ancestor was recorded as residing there.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)